A union denounces: a police check on the road in Henri-Chapelle reveals “a sordid example of modern social dumping”

The CSC-Transcom union communicated on Tuesday a fact which illustrates the harmful effects of “social dumping” in the field of road transport.

They were updated following a banal police check in Henri-Chapelle, a village in the municipality of Welkenraedt in the province of Liège, on Monday, July 12. The control has, according to the union, shown “the dramatic situation in which five Belarusian drivers of trucks belonging to the Lithuanian transport company UAB KAREDA find themselves”.

They were penniless and had been working non-stop for 9 weeks in total violation of European legislation.

“Their vehicles, in lamentable condition, collected the infractions: tires worn to the tune, defective AD Blue system, tachograph problems, etc. As for the unfortunate drivers, one of whom has just had a crisis heart disease, they were shamelessly exploited: they had not been paid for months, were penniless and had worked nonstop for 9 weeks in total violation of European legislation on road transport and labor “, denounced the union.

“UAB KAREDA has still not responded to requests from the various Belgian control bodies to rectify the situation both with regard to their drivers and their vehicles. Their main sponsor, the Austrian company LKW Walter, has also been called upon to take up its responsibilities. . So far, the Lithuanian company KAREDA has paid half of the arrears to two of the four drivers. The other two drivers have not yet received anything. “, said the CSC-Transcom union.

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