A unique configuration visible to the naked eye: three planets will approach the Moon in early August

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The first days of August will be favorable for observing the sky, if the weather is good. Indeed, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will approach the Moon. Shooting stars will also be observable.

While the month of July was marked by the appearance of comet Neowise, perceptible to the naked eye, the month of August should also hold its share of surprises for astronomy enthusiasts.

Indeed, the Moon will be approached in turn by three important planets: Jupiter, Saturn then Mars.

“On the night of August 1 to 2, the Moon will be near the planet Jupiter. On the night of August 2-3, the Moon will already be near the planet Saturn. These events are easily visible to the naked eye. […] Observation can be made in the southern part of the sky above the horizon. During the night of August 8 to 9, the almost full Moon will be close to the planet Mars, ”explains Vladilen Sanakoev, from the Federal University of the Urals.

Mr Sanakoev adds that Mercury’s approach to the asteroid Vesta will also be visible using a telescope or binoculars, in the northeastern part of the sky, low on the horizon.

The Persians

August is also the traditional time for the observation of the Persians. This meteor swarm is made up of debris from the periodic comet Swift-Tuttle. The result is a spectacular shower of shooting stars, visible to the naked eye.

The peak of Perseid activity will be on the night of August 12, but the swarm will be observable until August 24, according to NASA.



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