A unique flight to see the pink moon .. tickets sold out in two minutes

The American “CNN” network reported that the official Australian airline “Qantas” is offering a new flight, which will give its passengers the opportunity to watch the “giant blood moon” from an altitude of about 40 thousand feet from the surface of the earth.

It is expected that the phenomenon of “pink moon” will occur on the current May 26, and that flight provided by “Qantas” will allow people to keep up with it in a wonderful way.

Nevertheless, people in western North America, western South America, Australia, and Southeast Asia will be able to see a “bloody moon.”

The “Super Moon” trip is the latest in a series of excursions run by “Qantas” that take travelers on an enjoyable journey, before returning them to the place they came from.

The ticket price was 499 Australian dollars (386 US dollars) for the economy class, while the business class fare was 1,499 Australian dollars (1160 US dollars).

In the midst of this, the most prominent thing is that all tickets for that flight were exhausted within two and a half minutes of being put up for sale.

The trip to observe the phenomenon of the Pink Moon will depart from Sydney
According to “CNN”, the company promised the passengers of the flight to see amazing views of the “blood moon”, noting that it is working with astronomer, Vanessa Moss, to design the optimal flight path over the Pacific Ocean. “

The flight will be aboard the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which has been chosen because its large windows make it “ideal for looking at the moon.”

Actually, that flight will take 3 hours, as it will depart from Sydney and fly over the city’s port before flying over the clouds, taking into account the precautionary measures to prevent corona virus, which include wearing protective masks and observing social distancing.


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