A US nurse contracts COVID within days of being vaccinated: why isn’t it unexpected or alarming? | Health & Wellness

A nurse who works in the emergency services of the Californian city of San Diego has tested positive for covid-19 just a few days after being vaccinated against that disease, US media reported today.

The health worker has been identified as Matthew W., a 45-year-old nurse, who received the first dose of the vaccine prepared by Pfizer-BioNTech on December 18.

According to the victim himself confessed to the KGTV station, an affiliate of the ABC News network, the only side effect he suffered after being inoculated with the vaccine was pain in his arm.

However, six days later, after taking a shift in the emergency unit of his health center with covid patients, he felt chills, muscle pain and fatigue. A test at the hospital confirmed that he was positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Why is it not alarming?

According to experts consulted by the chain, this case is not “something unexpected”, since vaccinated patients they do not develop decisive protection against the coronavirus immediately after receiving the drug.

Clinical trials with the vaccine have shown that this immunization, which would reach 95% of those vaccinated, can be achieved days after having received a second dose of the preparation that, in the case of Pzifer, it takes about 21 days to be inoculated again.

Furthermore, since the incubation period of the coronavirus can be up to 14 days, it also the nurse may have been infected before receiving the vaccine December 18.

According to experts, these cases are just a reminder that vaccines are not a panacea; that stopping the pandemic will take time and that, in the meantime, the fundamental social health practices of maintaining social distancing, frequent hand washing and wearing masks must be followed.


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