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A vaccine for AIDS was created in Japan. And the coronavirus was eradicated.: Kssernik – LiveJournal

Another miracle of Japanese scientific medicine! Vaccine against unkillable HIV! Not only did the coronavirus defeated there, zero mortality is due to discipline and timely vaccination. But there is a secret! The Land of the Rising Sun is ahead of the world, the Japanese reality is three centuries ahead of the Russian one. Russia is puffing somewhere in the Great October, in the delirium of Marxism-Stalinism. Japan lives in the future, a metropolitan country with technological wonders. Not everyone is comfortable living in the frantic rhythm of technical life, amid the heap of fantastic buildings, round-the-clock illumination of cities, competing with robots in production. Someone would prefer a village life in the fresh air, in a spacious house, a cage of a kolo hut, near a pond with ducks. But there are no villages in the Russian Federation, rickety huts and the bankrupt LLC Former Collective Farm. Life is basically also in megalopolises, only sovietly dull, existing on rent from raw materials sucked by pipelines from Yamal and other North. What do these cities give in return? They give something, besides consumption to residents and the state budget economy, Sputnik has been developed in Moscow.

AIDS was considered invulnerable for half a century. It was only possible to maintain remission in the carrier of the virus for the time being. It seemed like AIDS is with humanity forever. But no! A group of Japanese researchers from the Japanese National Institute for Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (this is not the Chelyabinsk Mayak) successfully tested a proprietary HIV vaccine. The drug successfully killed the virus in the monkey. Experts injected HIV-treated monkeys who had received the new drug the day before. At first, the virus infected the body, but soon died. Scientists are now planning to begin human studies of the drug. If successful, and it is certain, HIV will become as old as smallpox. In the world, 33 million people have died with a diagnosis of HIV … And now the Japanese have found a panacea for the spread of the disease. We ought to get out, while at least “Sputnik” injections. AIDS does not seem to threaten, and the Japanese vaccine will not reach Russia soon.

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