A valid QR Code in the name of Adolf Hitler is circulating in Europe

This is a new case of health pass fraud that worries the Dutch and European authorities. In the Netherlands, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is investigating the creation of a valid QR code in the name of Adolf Hitler, reports RTL Nieuws.

This QR code was actually created by a cybercriminal, who wanted to prove that he was able to make a health pass valid for anyone. He therefore opted for Adolf Hitler and kept his promises since the QR code created is good and would therefore allow a person to go wherever the health pass is required.

According to RTL Nieuws, the cybercriminal realizes codes from Poland and France, but these could be validated in the Netherlands or Belgium, because they are European codes. Moreover, several cyber security specialists have confirmed that this fake health pass was valid in Belgium, because the Belgian application CovidSafe.be does not yet allow the detection of false QR codes.

The challenge now is to find out how an Internet user was able to have at his disposal the system that creates valid health QR codes. Dutch authorities fear that the creative “keys” have been stolen in France or Poland, which would obviously pose a big problem and allow large-scale fraud. Especially since the cybercriminal offers, on a hacker forum, to sell his nominative QR codes …

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