A Venezuelan disappeared a month ago in Bogotá, family fears the worst

The discovery of a corpse in a sewer triggered the alarms. Lisbeth Katiuska Araque’s boss arrested. He owns a junkyard. Investigations are progressing.


09:46 PM / 16/09/2020

One month missing will have this Friday 18-S a Venezuelan who settled in Bogotá. Her partner last saw her on August 18. He has told, in various media in the neighboring country, that he accompanied her to take a taxi and the woman did not return home.

Eduardo Sandoval said that Lisbeth Katiuska Araque Maldonado was with her daughter. As a curious fact, the little girl was found near the house where she lives in the Suba sector of the Colombian capital.

I took it up, on the corner of the house, in a taxi with my daughter”Sandoval narrated, and said that the woman was going to her place of work, in a recycling warehouse (scrap yard), in the Engativá area.

The family of this Venezuelan native of Táchira denounced the disappearance and investigations were launched.

The taxi driver who did the service is sure that he took her and her little daughter to her workplace, although the man who employed her denies the version.

“For me, the man where she works is the first suspect. The taxi driver said that he had left her there. From there, nothing is known again, ”a relative of the young woman told the Ojo de la Noche section of Noticias Caracol.

Last week, the investigation took another turn after workers at a utility company reported the discovery of a lifeless body in a sewer in the Garcés Navas neighborhood. According to agents, the description is similar to that of Lisbeth Araque.

The body was wrapped in plastic and tied hand and foot.

In the middle of investigative work for the discovery of the body, reported on September 8, they were observed videos pointing to a man in a recycling wagon as the one who transported the remains.

Forensic analysis also revealed that the body apparently showed signs of torture, added Noticias Caracol.

“Other videos collected would show that this suspect abandoned Lisbeth’s daughter very close to a house in the Toscana neighborhood, where the young woman lives with her partner.”

The suspect has already been captured and, according to the website Alert Bógotá, he is the Venezuelan’s employer.

In the evening hours of this Tuesday, September 15, the owner of a scrap yard located in the Garcés Navas neighborhood of the town of Engativá, in the northwest of the capital of the neighboring country, was arrested. indicated of the disappearance of a 20-year-old Venezuelan, who worked for him.

José Marcelino Araque Pérez, father of the lost, said on RCN Radio’s La Cariñosa 610 AM station that his daughter, on August 18, left her home in Suba with the 15-month-old baby on her way to work, but from that moment no more was heard from her.

A few hours later the girl appeared abandoned and in good condition in a park, and it was a woman who picked her up and took her to the facilities of a Immediate Attention Center (CAI) nearby.

The family waits for the full identification of the body, while fearing the worst.

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