A very beautiful and famous star who went bankrupt after getting rich.. Today she walks barefoot and eats leftovers from the trash.. You won’t believe who she is!!

A famous star’s life has been turned upside down. After appearing on the cover of fashion magazines, she is homeless on the street, looking for food in trash cans, barefoot and wearing shabby clothes.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, the former model, Lonnie Willison, who is the ex-wife of American actor Jeremy Jackson, lives today vagrant in the streets of the “Venice” area, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California.

But the American star has been living this way for six years, after her mental and psychological health was disturbed by drug abuse.

Willison married the American actor, Jeremy Jackson, in 2012, but their association did not last long, as they separated after only two years, and the divorce was in 2014.

Willison appeared in what was described as “pathetic”, as she appeared in the garbage for what she could drink and eat.

The former star was covered with many pieces of clothes, in an effort to avoid the harsh cold, while spending the winter on the street.

When asked by the Sun on the street, Willison said, “I’m fine,” then added that she didn’t want any help, from anyone.

Willison added that she had not communicated with her ex-husband, Jeremy Jackson, for several years, “I haven’t spoken to him, and I also don’t want to talk to my friends.”

The pictures aroused sympathy on social platforms, amid a heartbreak for the star’s fate, after she began to eat garbage and walk barefoot, while she was living a life of luxury yesterday, smiling at the photographers’ lenses on the red carpet.

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