A video documenting the first moments of zero gravity inside Bezos’ space flight

American billionaire Jeff Bezos posted a video clip showing the first moments of zero gravity inside the “Blue Origin” capsule during its successful space flight, Tuesday.

During the short 1:33-minute clip, which Bezos posted on his Instagram account, the flight crew appeared to be in a state of enjoyment as soon as the capsule reached space.

There was a state of laughter inside the capsule during the phase of zero gravity, as soon as the passengers of the capsule began to rise from their seats automatically.

The “New Shepard” missile, carrying the capsule, which carried four passengers, was launched on Tuesday afternoon from an isolated location in the West Texas desert, 40 kilometers from the city of Van Horn.

Along with Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark and aviation pioneer Wally Funk, 82, and Blue Origin’s first customer, Dutch 18-year-old Oliver Damon, traveled, making the latter the oldest and youngest astronauts ever.

The New Shepard blasted off into space at three times the speed of sound using an engine running on liquid hydrogen and oxygen, meaning zero carbon emissions.

Then the capsule separated from the rocket, and the new astronauts spent a few minutes at an altitude of 107 km, beyond the Karman Line (100 km altitude), which is internationally recognized as the boundary between the Earth and space spheres.

The astronauts were able to contemplate the deep blue and black planet camped out over the rest of the universe from large windows that account for a third of the cabin space. “It’s all black here,” Funk said, according to the live audio feed from the capsule.

After a few minutes of zero-gravity testing, the capsule descended in free fall before deploying three massive parachutes to descend smoothly into the desert after a flight of about ten minutes.

As they left the capsule, the four passengers, who were in good shape, were greeted with cries of joy from the Blue Origin teams, with Jeff Bezos wearing a cowboy hat.

Bezos established Blue Origin in 2000, with the ambition that one day it could build floating space colonies with artificial gravity, where millions of people could work and live.

The company is currently working on developing a high-thrust orbital rocket called “New Glen”, as well as a lunar landing module, hoping to secure a contract with the US space agency and its Artemis program, which would enable it to become the main private sector partner for NASA.

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