A video of my living room on an overseas site? Arrested in their 30s for hacking apartment ‘Wall Pad’

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A suspect was caught by the police after stealing videos or photos from 400,000 households by hacking a ‘wallpad’ installed in an apartment living room and trying to sell them on overseas Internet sites.

The Cyber ​​Investigation Bureau of the National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency said that from August to November 2021, a man in his 30s who leaked video by hacking wallpads installed in about 400,000 households in 638 apartment complexes nationwide was arrested on charges of violating the Information and Communications Network Act. It is.

Wallpad is a smart device that can be attached to the wall of an apartment and turn on/off lights or make video calls.

The police have been investigating after confirming that a video of a living room in a domestic apartment was circulated on an overseas Internet site in November of last year.

As a result of the police investigation, it was revealed that the man committed the crime alone by creating an automated hacking program, and evaded the police investigation by hacking the wireless router of a multi-use facility such as a restaurant to commit a crime.

The suspect man tried to sell the video of the living room secured in this way through an overseas site, but the police explained that it was not confirmed whether the actual sale was successful.

The police added that through this incident, it was confirmed that the apartment wallpad was vulnerable to hacking because it was made up of a single network, and that security equipment such as a firewall was poor.

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