A video reveals all the surprises of the Nintendo park

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Shigeru Miyamoto is known as a true legend in the world of video games. We talk about the man behind many of the most successful sagas for Nintendo, among others, Donkey Kong. So no one better than Miyamoto to show all secrets of the company’s new theme park.

Until now we had seen the official trailer and even the attractions running through a recording That was done from a nearby hotel, however, we had not enjoyed an official tour in which to observe what we can expect from the place.

Miyamoto has acted as master of ceremonies with a 15-minute tour of the new Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. Let’s see the sequence:

As we can see, the universe created by the company is a true reflection of many of the famous Nintendo games, although sometimes the appearance of extras humans at rides they spoil some of the effects.

In any case it looks great, and even surprising that Nintendo reveals so much about the expected park with this video.[[YouTube]


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