A video that reveals accurate details about the secrets of the iPhone 13 from the inside

iFixit has published a video on its YouTube channel that includes disassembling the phone to find out its inner secrets.

And the company released a new video clip, which witnessed an autopsy of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro phones, to reveal what is hiding under its screen, and the size of the battery.

The new video features phone improvements, including a larger battery for all models, all-new camera systems, and 120Hz ProMotion screens for the 13 Pro.

According to iFixit experts, the interior design of the phone showed Apple’s interest in internal engineering, so the phone was more organized than any other version of the iPhone.

shocking surprise

Another test conducted by experts via YouTube revealed a surprise related to the new screen of the iPhone 13 in its various versions.

According to a video published by the “Von Repair Guru” channel, the process of replacing vital parts on the iPhone 13 was tested in case of damage or in case the phone was broken, and the crisis was related to replacing the phone screen if it was broken.

The video showed that the iPhone 13 phone, a number of its damaged parts can be replaced with non-original ones, while continuing to work efficiently, except for the phone screen.

Testing revealed that, for example, when replacing the iPhone 13 microphone, ambient light sensor, and proximity sensor, these parts would work just fine.

But when you replace the iPhone 13 screen with a new one, a message appears saying that the screen is not original and in this case the phone user finds that he has lost the Face ID feature.

The issue here is not only about the damage caused to the phone after a fall, but also about the law of the right to repair, if the damage to the phone is greater than just the screen crash.

The test-taker explained that if the screen is damaged, the phone owner will have to resort to an Apple authorized center to replace it with another original screen.

Since Apple is facing a lot of controversy regarding the Right to Repair Act, this will make it more difficult for new iPhone 13 owners to repair their iPhone in a different location than Apple.


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