a virtual performance by Bono for the opening ceremony in Rome

LE SCAN SPORT – The competition will officially open this Friday with an opening ceremony marked by the use of cutting-edge technology for the virtual musical show bringing together Martin Garrix, Bono and The Edge.

Much of Europe will have its eyes riveted on Rome this Friday evening for the launch of Euro 2020, postponed by one year due to the pandemic. A few minutes before the kick-off of the opening match between Turkey and Italy, the traditional opening ceremony will be broadcast on television and in the presence of the 16,000 spectators of the Stadio Olimpico in Rome (25% of the enclosure.)

This simplified show, given the health context and which UEFA has called “Triumph of the EuroWill take place after the warm-up of the two selections, a few moments before the kick-off of the match at 9:00 pm. Two legends of Italian football, Alessandro Nesta and Francesco Totti will participate to present the Euro ball, baptized “Uniforia“, The contraction of the words”unit“And”euphoria“. The show will also feature the orchestra of the Italian National Police. 24 gigantic balloons inflated with helium will symbolize the participating countries and a “vertical choreography»Mixing dancers and drummers installed on the roof of the stadium will precede the entry on the lawn of one of the greatest Italian artists, Andrea Bocelli.

Bono projected in virtual reality on the lawn

The transalpine tenor will perform “No Dorma“, Taken from Puccini’s opera Turandot before the highly anticipated performance of the trio composed of Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, singer Bono and his faithful guitarist The Edge to whom we owe the official song of the competition,”We Are The People“. The performance will be shown in virtual reality on the field after being filmed in motion control studios in London.

UEFA has promised a “powerful yet intimate vocal performance»From the leader of the U2 group, who will perform in an environment totally disrupted by cutting-edge technology: the field must turn into a blue and white flame, energy fields will be created from millions of particles of light. “I’m sure fans will be excited about this virtual performance they’ll watch at home or online.“Said UEFA Marketing Director Guy-Laurent Epstein.


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