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a virtual yacht sold for $ 650,000 – La Nouvelle Tribune

The world of Metaverse attracts more and more people who are ready to spend a fortune there. Indeed, a virtual yacht was sold in the video game The Sandbox, to 149 Ethereums (ETH) or 650,000 dollars from the company Republic Realm. The boat has several lounges, a jacuzzi and four floors.

The Sandbox platform metaverse is still in development

It must be said that this is not the first time that a purchase of a high amount has been made by a Metavers platform. Indeed, on a company competing with The Sandbox, named Decentraland, a virtual parcel of land had been negotiated for $ 2.43 million. The new owner is a “Virtual real estate group” which is a subsidiary of the listed company Token.com. Note that the metaverse of the platform Sandbox is still in development. Currently in the test period, 5,000 players had been chosen to discover this virtual world. In addition, other sales with huge amounts at stake could still take place. It also corresponds to Republic Realm which specializes in the marketing of luxury virtual products.

Among these are private islands with jet skis, helicopters and villas. As a reminder, The Sandbox is growing in popularity. As a result, it earned him the scrutiny of several celebrities such as the producer. Deadmau5, the rapper Snoop Dogg and important companies like Adidas, Atari and Binance.

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