A wedding in Corona isolation clothes!

Shaaban Bilal (Cairo)
A state of controversy prevailed on social networking sites in Egypt, after the appearance of “Al-Ma’azim” at a wedding ceremony in one of the villages of Qena Governorate, southern Egypt, in the clothes of medical staff inside the health isolation hospitals for the emerging corona virus.
Pictures and videos circulated by social media users showed the attendees wearing Corona isolation clothes, at the wedding ceremony in the village of “Al-Jabalaw” in Qena Governorate, which some considered a message to the medical staff and their role in confronting the virus.
It turned out that the groom in this ceremony was a nurse in a hospital in Qena Governorate, and that his fellow doctors and nurses attended the ceremony in these clothes to send a message.
The groom, Muhammad Abbas, a nurse at Al-Sadr Hospital in Qena, said that the presence of a number of his colleagues in isolation clothes for his wedding ceremony, which was held a few days ago, was based on an agreement between them to support the medical staff.
He added, through his account on the social networking site Facebook, that his friends agreed among themselves to attend in isolation clothes for his wedding to send a message of support to the members of the “White Army”, including doctors and nurses, in their war against the emerging corona virus.


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