a week went by without deaths for the first time in 14 months

In the city, 561 days passed until the intensive care sectors were released by COVID-19.

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In the city, 561 days passed until the intensive care sectors were released by COVID-19.

After four months with favorable evolution of epidemiological indicators, this Saturday no deaths of people with coronavirus were reported in Rosario. In this way a full week went by with no deaths linked to the pandemic, something that had not happened in the city in more than 14 months.

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Since the first cases of COVID-19 were registered, at the local level, 3,846 deaths were registered of patients who got the disease. This amount represents almost 45% compared to the 8,576 reported in the entire Santa Fe territory.

According to the latest report from the Municipal Health Secretariat, the fatality rate due to coronavirus in Rosario is 2.35 percent, half a point above the provincial indicator. The maximum level was recorded at the beginning of April with 2.51% at the start of the second wave.

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In the first semester since the first patient with COVID-19 was detected, Rosario registered 91 deaths of infected people, just 2.3 percent of the number of deaths reported to date. The initial wave peak occurred a month later, on Tuesday, October 20, with 1,375 new cases and 49 deaths in 24 hours.

Despite the fact that the vaccination campaign began in December, sanitary measures did not prevent the arrival of a second critical moment between April and June. Since then, the epidemiological situation had a favorable evolution and at the end of September there were no people in intensive care for coronavirus in Rosario, an unpublished record in 561 days.

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