A well-known singer comes to the Blind Auditions of “The Voice, the most beautiful voice”

Unexpected presence, this Saturday in The Voice, the most beautiful voice. Her name is Caroline Costa, she is 25 years old and she comes from Toulouse. If his name may not speak to everyone, his face has something familiar. And, for good reason, at only 11 years old, the young woman was a finalist for Incredible talent. Revealed to the general public, the singer then rolled her bump and notably shared the poster for the musical Robin Hood, alongside Matt Pokora. She played Bedelia, the daughter of the Sheriff of Notthingham.

Became a mother three years ago, Caroline Costa put her career on hold to take care of her small family. Too long away from music, she decides to participate in the telecrochet to give herself a chance to live from her passion. “That’s what’s missing from my fulfillment, from the woman I am today,” she tells the camera.

Before going on stage, his former stage partner, Matt Pokora, sends him a message of support: “I wanted to wish you full, full, full of courage. I know you’re going to tear everything up. Show them what you have in your voice . I think about you a lot. I kiss you,” he told her in a video. Words that touch Caroline Costa and that boost her more for the future.

In front of the coaches, the singer chooses to put back to her sauce What a feeling, soundtrack of film Flashdance. His performance is a success. The four coaches turn around. “I know her. I don’t know if her face tells you anything. She’s a young woman I saw born on TV in another telecrochet”, launches Amel Bent at the end of the song. . “I recognized her face. She has a baby face.”

“You made me feel something wonderful, you transmitted your emotions to me”, continues the coach before giving the floor to Florent Pagny, also seduced. “It’s just masterful. It’s what we need for the program. You can really go a long way because you have everything you need”, says the interpreter of Knowing how to love who has voluntarily blocked Vianney.

Very moved, Caroline Costa does not know, at first, which team to join. “It’s horrible,” she says before finally joining Marc Lavoine’s team. “Your words have touched me a lot, I feel like you have pierced me up to date.” It is to applause that the young woman leaves the set. “We are too happy for you, it’s a nice revenge”, Amel Bent then told him before seeing his chair turn around to welcome a new talent.

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