a whole new system to sell products… at – 30%!

In May 2022, a test phase had started at Delhaize, which wanted to optimize its reduction system for products whose expiry date was approaching. This officially comes into effect on Wednesday, October 19.

Delhaize says it will promote these near-expired products more to encourage customers to buy them. All these products, the price of which is on average 30% lower than the initial price, will be brought together in one place and the visual of their labels will also be adapted.

Two clear objectives

The goal of the supermarket: to reduce food waste as much as possible, but also to help consumers cope with declining purchasing power. And if this reduction system via yellow labels has existed since 2008, it is now reinforced. Delhaize now wants consumers to realize that the product remains of quality even if it is labeled in this way.

“For many families, it is these seemingly small things that make the difference at the end of the month. As a distributor, we want to take responsibility in this area and try to help where we can,” the company said in a statement.

In addition to this new way of fighting against food waste, the group has also been donating its unsold products to Food Banks for 30 years and offers its customers the possibility of going through “Too Good To Go” in many of its supermarkets.

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