A woman has an epileptic seizure after drinking … too much water

While she had just given birth, a 33-year-old woman suffered an epileptic seizure. In question ? Overconsumption of water.

Because of a cerebral lesion following an infection, a cerebral malformation, lesions relative to a tumor … the occurrence of an epileptic seizure can have several causes. However, some are more unexpected than others.

In the United States, a young woman suffered an epileptic seizure after drinking too much water. A phenomenon reported by the BMJ case report and relayed, in France, by Why actor. “33-year-old pregnant with her first child had a tonic-clonic seizure an hour after giving birth due to acute hyponatremia caused by excessive fluid intake“, summarize the doctors in their report.

A prevention guide

The epileptic seizure occurred when the 30-something was in the delivery room in a birthing center where she spent 19 hours, including 4 hours in the second stage of labor. This was her first pregnancy and had no medical history prior to this episode.

Throughout labor, she was encouraged to drink on her own initiative and according to her thirst. However, there was no monitoring of fluid intake“, raise the authors in the report. Before adding:”Despite the initial confusion over the cause of the seizure, a multidisciplinary approach helped diagnose an underlying condition and allowed prompt treatment to avoid adverse outcomes in this patient.“. If this phenomenon remains rare, doctors want to alert on the fact that this intoxication can occur. So, to prevent such accidents from happening again, they are encouraging the creation of a”information guide for monitoring fluid intake in women giving birth“.

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