A wooded area threatened by a bypass project in Château-Richer

The objective of this project is to offer a safer option to truckers and motorists who use the Côte de la Chapelle every day. The project has been in the works for several years, but an accident in the summer of 2018 came to confirm the urgency of working on this file, underlines Mayor Jean Robitaille.

The City therefore bought 36 hectares of land this winter in order to build, among other things, a bypass that would make it possible to reach the Saint-Achillée road without taking the steep coast.

The project also includes the relocation of the snow dump and the ecocentre. The current site of the snow dump disturbs many citizens who complain about the comings and goings of trucks at night, explains the mayor. The ecocentre is located on leased land.

The lung of Château-Richer

On these lots acquired by the municipality, there is a wooded area that makes many citizens happy. Some have even bought their property in the area to be able to walk there. This is the case of Alexandra Houlé, who lives just across the street. Nature for me is an essential element for physical balance, for mental balance, she says.

Maxime Roberge has frequented the place near the Sault-à-la-Puce river for about thirty years. I am a native of here, my family has always been native here, so the woods are very important to me. Since I was young I have been dating and with my children now.

The wooded area that could be razed to make the bypass is located along Royal Avenue.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Félix Morrissette-Beaulieu

Reached by phone, Jean Robitaille said he heard the complaints of citizens, but said that the place chosen for the bypass is the only one possible. We checked everything with a firm, they confirmed to us that there were no other spaces to make a safe exit.

The mayor assures that the City intends to use only 2 of the 36 hectares purchased. We are going to set up a lot more green spaces and parks there than everything else.

Despite this, citizens continue to worry about their little haven of peace. It’s not that we are against development, but there is a way to do it. Here, it is a space used by the population to recharge their batteries, explains Nicolas Houde, who has lived in the area for three years.

Mobilization, a good solution

For the former Minister of Municipal Affairs, Rémy Trudel, it is good news that citizens are taking a very close interest in the occupation of their territory. It’s that kind of behavior that can make a difference, he believes.

That’s a hell of a lot of good news, and we have to take it into account in terms of the legal application of the by-law, of the town-planning by-law.

A quote from:Rémy Trudel, former Minister of Municipal Affairs

The city council will vote on Monday a resolution for the creation of plans and specifications for the bypass.

With information from Félix Morrissette-Beaulieu

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