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More than a year ago, movies were uploaded to Netflix The end of Evangelion e Evangelion: Death (true) and the series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Within a few days, however, due to the controversy and criticism online and the long discussions between professionals and specialized sites, the adaptation, edited by Gualtiero Cannarsi, and the Italian dubbing were eliminated from the streaming service.

On July 6 this year, after a long wait, a new dubbing was made available with a new adaptation. It took a long time but, says Cannarsi, it is normal: «Around April of last year Netflix was still doing the QC, that is the quality check, the quality control, on our work. This is not such a fast thing ».

Over the past year, Cannarsi has worked on three souls and a book: «The films are all very beautiful and are available on TimVision. On one, Shinko and millennial magic, I started working even before Evangelion. On the other two, Miss Hokusai e The island of Giovanni, I worked later. NeoGeo Collector’s Bibleinstead, it is a book – a fanbook, to be precise – that I had been writing for a while, in which I speak of the NeoGeo console and that I was only able to create thanks to the collaboration of Vigamus ».

Let’s talk about Evangelion. Have you heard the new dubbing and the new adaptation?
“Not yet. If I have to be honest, except for clips that have been shot by my friends, I haven’t even heard my adaptation. In this case, they are informing me from time to time of what has changed ».

Did you cooperate in any way?
“Nobody. And in the previous work, precisely, I had only contributed to the adaptation. Which is different from working on dubbing too. When there was all the brawl online last year, some people mistakenly attributed me total ownership of what had been done. Perhaps this was the case with the very first Italian edition of Evangelion. But not with the following ones ».

But why haven’t you heard this new dubbing yet? Isn’t it curious?

«I prefer to keep myself apart. I don’t want to judge the work of colleagues. I have not participated. And therefore it seems right, even if only for delicacy, not to express myself. I find it really terrible to criticize a colleague, especially when working on the same thing ».

Don’t you think it is legitimate to express your opinion?
«I remain of the idea that my colleagues have given their best. I don’t even put myself in a position to make a judgment. “

Are you sorry that some of your colleagues criticized your work?
“Absolutely not. Each person has his own vision of things and his ethics. This is the way I see it. Others, of course, can see it differently … ».

“But maybe there was some confusion. When we worked on our version of Evangelion for Netflix, it was all very intense and relatively fast. We all tried to do our best. And maybe, in the heat of the moment, there have been misunderstandings ».

For example?
«Fabrizio Mazzotta, who oversaw the dubbing, said I wanted to rework my old scripts. But it’s not like that, it wasn’t my goal, and even from a legal point of view it is in fact impossible: that job belongs to someone else ».

Let’s go back to Evangelion. Will you not see him again with this new dubbing?
«As a fan, having had the luck and the privilege of working twice on this series, I know it quite well. And if I have to see it again, I see it in the original. In my mind, there is all the study I have done to adapt it in Italian ».

When we talked about last year Dragonball she did not spare herself in judging the work that had been done in the adaptation and dubbing.
“Its Dragonball the judgment that I can have is much more superficial than what I can express on Evangelion. I never studied it thoroughly. And therefore, this time, it was not a professional consideration. But personal ».

How did you react when you learned that your adaptation would be withdrawn by Netflix?
«We are talking about a company that operates in a commercial perspective that I do not know and that I struggle to imagine. For a long time, I worked for a very small audience – for someone even a niche. The Netflix audience is much broader, generalist, and therefore when I say that he had every right to change and withdraw our adaptation I do not rhetoric ».

But are you sorry?
«All the voice actors and also VSI, the company that followed the production, worked hard. And that’s what I was sorry about: seeing the work we did put aside, canceled. Netflix, as I said before, had done its quality control, was aware of our adaptation and our dubbing and had approved it ».

Did you expect such a decision?
“It left me perplexed, I confess. But such a large company will have many offices and many people to consider. So even in this case I don’t feel like pronouncing in a clear way ».

In hindsight, would anything change in its adaptation?
«If we talk about specific things, such as the translation of Apostles and not Angels, no: correctness cannot be subjected to complacency. This, for me, is ethically unacceptable. But if I had had more time, on a discursive level, I could certainly have done a better job. Adaptation is one of those things that can always be improved ».

What did you think of the online reactions to your work?
«Which is difficult. There is a risk of giving something we don’t know for certain. I believe that the controversy ended up feeding itself. At some point, there was no more talk of Evangelion or adaptation. There was talk of something else, and it was talked about with the sole objective of criticizing and demolishing. Everyone, even the people to whom, talked about it Evangelion, nothing ever mattered. “

And how did you feel?
“I’m sorry, of course. Because the spectators really paid the price, who in my adaptation, perhaps, could have found something they were looking for ».

With the announcement of the new adaptation and the new dubbing, Evangelion it did not receive the same attention it received last year.
«It seems like a paradox, but it isn’t. Last year’s discussion raised a huge fuss over the real interest in Evangelion. Netflix sells a subscription to its service, it does not sell a single product. What matters for Netflix is ​​the perception of its brand. Evangelion it was never the problem; Evangelion it is one of ten, one hundred, one thousand titles. For Netflix, the problem is how it is seen. “

Have you been informed of the new processing?
«No, not officially. And frankly I don’t understand why they should have done it. What happened last year is not normal. It’s not the rule. “

For what he feels most sorry, for his retired adaptation or for not being called back to work on Evangelion?
«I’m sorry for the work that had been done, for the fans and for my colleagues. But on not being called back I can’t be sorry: if anything, I’m sorry, I didn’t have the opportunity to contribute to the final surrender of Evangelion».

Why didn’t they call you back, in your opinion?
“It was obviously not what Netflix and most of its audience wanted.”

The first images of Erwig and the witch, the new film by Goro Miyazaki produced by Studio Ghibli. Have you been contacted to work on the adaptation?
“Not at the moment. But it is not said that it will happen ».

Do you still think that compromise, in an adaptation, is a mistake? Or have you changed your mind?
«Honestly not. In my view every simplification, every facilitation, leads to a sacrifice of content. And this thing is wrong, and always will be. In the 1980s, local television stations were invaded by Japanese cartoons because they were cheap. Over time, they have become something else. And interest grew, and the public wanted to know more. Now we are in another phase: the origin of these cartoons is normal, and we focus on more. But there is always one thing: the content ».


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