News A year after the tragedy of the rue d'Aubagne,...

A year after the tragedy of the rue d'Aubagne, thousands of Marseillais in the street


"A year ago, we were in shock, now we are revolted": Saturday, like thousands of other Marseillais, Alice shouted his anger, one year after the collapse of two buildings in the popular center of the city, which killed eight people.

Under a bright sun but in the cold, the protesters found themselves in a festive atmosphere, to the sound of percussion. Some wore, as headgear, a house or a small cardboard building.

In the crowd, collective activists created after the disaster, trade unionists and families from the neighborhood and all of Marseille met, one year after the disaster.

Alice, 34, a social worker, is one of those who have not stopped protesting against bad housing since November 5, 2018: "If there is one thing to remember from this drama, it is the formidable citizen mobilization that followed ".

– "Neither forgetfulness nor forgiveness" –

When the procession moves in the middle of the afternoon towards the rue d'Aubagne, where the tragedy took place, the families of the victims of the collapses take the lead, behind a large banner: "Neither oblivion nor sorry".

In the Place Homère, in the middle of the long street of Aubagne, protesters come out of the march to light a candle on the makeshift altar in the middle of the street and topped with photos of the victims of the collapses.

"What happened there, we will never forget," says Fayçal Oubada, who came to protest with his family. "It really hurts to realize that in a year, not much has changed, except that there are still more people on the street." "Apart from housing problems, all Marseille has realized with this tragedy that it takes a big change in this city," adds the father.

A "big change" also called by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the spokesperson of La France Insoumise and MP for the sector, who took part in the march. "Marseille has been the most visible and violent face of a reality that is national," said Mr. Mélenchon at a press point. "But it is true that there is a local negligence that is spectacular".

On the signs and in the slogans, attacks against the mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin, at the helm of the city for a quarter century, fuse: "Gaudin, assassin", "Mairie = negligence". "It was not rain!", Protesters chanted, referring to the first reactions of the mayor, who had evoked a year ago, just after the disaster, the torrential rains of previous days to explain – at least in part – the drama.

In the early evening, while the procession was going to reach the town hall, Emmanuel Patris, member of the collective Center for all, screamed at the microphone: "40,000 unhealthy housing, 100,000 Marseillais living in slums, but the crisis is resorbed, they said! "

Under the windows of the mayor, on the Old Port, at dusk, the atmosphere is tense. Projectile jets on the police, firecrackers and smoke, police charge: the procession gradually disperses. What does it matter to Kevin Vacher, of the collective of November 5th: "Gaudin, Vassal and their clique will remain deaf, it is not necessary to make illusion For a year we did not count on them but on our own forces" , tweets the activist.

The demonstration gathered 15,000 to 20,000 people according to the collective, 6,700 according to the police. A dozen people were arrested, and a police officer was injured by a projectile that hit him in the throat, according to a police source.


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