A young woman ‘loses’ more than 253 million dollars by forgetting to buy her weekly EuroMillions ticket

She was sure she was a millionaire and called the lottery organizing agency to confirm the winning numbers.

A 19-year-old British girl thought she had won the EuroMillions lottery jackpot (more than $ 253 million), however, she forgot that she had not made the purchase of the winning ticket, informs the LadBible portal.

Rachel Kennedy, a resident of the English county of Hertfordshire (UK), reported that every week I used to play EuroMillions with the same numbers. In the drawing on February 26, that combination was the winner with a prize of 210 million euros (about $ 253.4 million).

Upon seeing the results of said giveaway, Rachel started to “go crazy” excited and called the lottery organizing agency to confirm the winning ticket combination. The EuroMillions staff then informed the young woman that that week she I had not bought any tickets.

I always bet on those numbers, but that week I was stressed with college work, so I completely forgot to buy a ticket, “Kennedy said. But” everything happens for a reason, we are neither richer nor poorer than we were this morning, “added the young woman.

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