a Youtubeur creates the buzz by destroying a video console

A Youtubeur had fun destroying a PS5 in a video. This one was made with a humorous aim, but it is obviously the buzz. Many Internet users did not like the concept at all and they are making it known.

The PS5 destroyed in the video that makes the buzz – Credit: Mega64 / YouTube

A PS5 was violently destroyed by YouTuber Mega64 in a video shared on the platform. This channel is relatively well known on YouTube among Americans since it is followed by more than 500,000 people. If you’ve never heard of it, Mega64 is a channel run by three Americans who are passionate about video games. It’s sort of a comedy web series with several videos published each week. The video that creates the buzz is titled ” the PS5 absolutely cannot read discs “. It’s already over 175,000 views and 5,600 ” dislikes “(Thumbs down for those who don’t like the content) for 9600” likes “. The video features Rocco Botte, one of the channel’s Youtubers. The gamer goes to a GameStop store, which is similar to Micromania in France.

The PS5 Mega64 suffered to make views

This gamer comes out with a PS5 Digital Edition and hastens to return to test it at home. He then tries to get him to read the Demon’s Souls game at all costs. As a reminder, the PS5 Digital Edition is the digital version of the PlayStation 5. It has exactly the same performance, but it does not have a Blu-ray player. This allowed Sony to market it at € 100 less than the PS5 with disc drive. The video then continues showing the gamer trying all kinds of weirdest methods.

Rocco Botte tries to fit the record in with washing up liquid. He then spreads the next-gen console with mayonnaise before running it under water to rinse it. Then pretending to be frustrated, he ends up destroying the PS5 with a hammer and throwing her violently to the ground. In the end, he brings the totally demolished PlayStation 5 back to the GameStop to ask for a refund. The video ends with Rocco Botte asking the seller to swap the broken PS5 with an Xbox Series S. This console is also 100% digital. However, it is not as powerful as the Xbox Series X. At € 299.99, it’s the low-cost and compact version of the Xbox Series X.

Some criticize that not everyone gets to have a PS5

Mega64’s video was of course made for humorous purposes. Most of the channel’s subscribers liked it, but not everyone. Some Internet users are revolted that someone is having fun destroying a console whose stocks are very limited. This is one of the magic recipes for making views on YouTube. Destroying a coveted object is far from a new concept. In any case, this PS5 destruction video is now one of the most popular on the Mega64 channel.

The PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition are released today in France for € 499.99 and € 399.99 respectively. You can buy it from multiple resellers even if you haven’t pre-ordered it.

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