A49 opponent in custody: police officers kicked and bitten

After her arrest during a police operation on the cleared route of Autobahn 49, an activist was taken into custody. At the request of the Giessen public prosecutor’s office, an arrest warrant was issued on the urgent suspicion of dangerous bodily harm against the woman, the police said. The woman, whose personal details have not yet been established, kicked an officer during the arrest and bit a police officer.

The background to the police operation was that in the past few days activists had again erected barricades in the southern Herrenwald near Stadtallendorf in the Marburg-Biedenkopf district, stretched a rope across the route and occupied stacked tree trunks.

Forestry remaining work

The rope and structures had been removed or dismantled. Remaining forestry work is still ongoing on the cleared route: Tree trunks are moved, sorted, delimbed and, if necessary, individual trees that have remained standing are felled.

In the Herrenwald, in the nearby Dannenröder Forest and in the Maulbacher Forest, trees had been cleared for the further construction of the A49. After completion, the motorway will connect Kassel and Gießen more directly with one another. Environmental and climate protectionists protested against the tree felling.


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