AAR on AMLO: “He has shown to be a president who has an enthusiasm for corruption and dictatorship” | Present

Augusto Álvarez Rodrich recounts AMLO’s help for Pedro Castillo. Photo: LR+/Video Capture: LR+

Within the framework of sending a letter to the representative Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) by Pedro Castillothrough his lawyer, the driver of “Clear and direct”Álvarez Rodrich, attacked the AMLO due to its current closeness to Pedro Castillo despite his attempt to coup and to the investigations that he has against him.

First, he recounted the actions of AMLO in favour of Pedro Castillo during his term as president and referred to the help he gave him in terms of economic policies and personal image.

“Mr. López is someone relevant to Pedro Castillo, because, for a long time, you have tried to influence him and help him. For example, you He sent the Minister of Finance, which is like the Minister of the Economy of Mexico, so that he can help him with his economic policies. I’m not very sure about what (thing) Mexico has a lot to teach us in economic matters, but it did,” he said.

Pedro Castillo played the victim with AMLOHe told him that they attacked him here for racist reasons, that they didn’t let him wear his hat, and then, Lopez Obrador Sent you an imaging team to get ready, so that they teach him to speak, so that they put him more in tune so that he can function and something improved”, added.

He also gave his opinion on the letter sent by Pedro Castillo and criticized AMLO: “In this letter, through his lawyer, he tells you that he thanks you for your support for the just causes of Peru. The problem is that Mr. López has shown with his defense, support, and endorsement of Pedro Castillo that he is a president who has a huge enthusiasm for corruption and dictatorshipwhich is what it represents Pedro Castillo today,” he said.

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