aaraattu hate campaign: Hate campaign against Mohanlal starrer ‘Aaratti’; മമ്മൂട്ടിയുടെ പ്രതികരണം – actor mammootty opens up about hate campaign and degrading against aaraattu movie during bheeshma parvam press meet

The actor was the first to react to the hate campaign against the recently released Mohanlal movie ‘Aratti’. Mammootty. His new film ‘Bhishma ParvamHe said this at a press meet held as part of the promotion.

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Director B Unnikrishnan’s remark that there was a hate campaign against the film was questioned by the media. Mammootty said that the hate campaign against movies is not a good trend and it is not a good idea to deliberately try to destroy movies.

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He also talked about putting up fan shows for movies. Every movie is a movie for movie lovers. Everyone can buy a movie by paying a ticket. There will be fans in it. He also asked if it was possible to tell fans not to watch the movie. He added that Bhishmaparvam has tried to bring the old Mattancherry language style in the film and he is happy to get 100 per cent admission in the theaters. Bhishmaparvam will hit theaters on March 3.

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