ABC starts a World History collection for children to learn and have fun at the same time

Updated:17/01/2021 01:01h


The work of teachers in times of mobile phones, video game consoles and social networks is a real chimera. Teach children overstimulated by new technologies the socio-economic consequences of the trade policy of Alfonso X of Castile, to give an example of a leaden theme, it is to tempt the beasts and, if the right words are not chosen, to preach in the desert. A picture is better than a thousand words, especially when your audience is wanting to go out and play ball or Fortnite …

The time of encyclopedic books with large blocks of words succeeding each other is a thing of the past. Starting next Sunday, January 24, ABC starts the series a Universal History for Children with the aim of teaching the episodes of the past in an attractive, fun and, above all, very visual way. The first installment, dedicated to Prehistory, is obtained for free with the newspaper, and the rest of the deliveries will have a price of € 7.99 every Sunday.

The great attraction of this collection of 35 illustrated stories is the fun of its drawings and the fact that the contents have been perfectly adapted for a reader as grateful as it is difficult to conquer in the first place. Through its pages, children can discover the great civilizations of the past, their VIP characters, from the ancestors of the caves to the conquerors of space, through Imperial Rome or the french revolution. The content enters through the eyes and remains in the memory based on laughter and games.

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Learn History in a big way

The collection is dedicated to children between 7 and 10 years old, and combines humor, adventure and rigor in its exact doses to take the little reader from Prehistory to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The narrative resources surprise on each page. Carmen and Marco They are the small protagonists who, at the hands of their grandfather, a wise man who keeps an authentic history museum in the basement, will act as Marty McFly in this particular return to the past.

The most remarkable discoveries, the inventions that changed the world, the customs of each period, art … everything has a place in the pages of World History, which includes extra sections for children to play while learning. Understanding the past in this way not only helps them to cope with the present, but also promotes critical thinking and other areas such as linguistic knowledge or geography. The collection pages include timelines to give children an overview. Because it is not just about memorizing, but about understanding.

The first deliveries are:

-The prehistory. January 24.

-The Egypt of the pharaohs. January 31.

-Mesopotamia, the land between rivers. February 7th.

-The origins of the Greek world. February 14th.

-Classical Greece. February 21st.

-Alexander the Great. February 28th.

-Israel and the land of Canaan. 7 of March.

-The rise of Rome. March 14.

-Rome. From the Republic to the Empire. March 21st.

-The origin of Christianity. 28th March.

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