Abdel Hafeez: I do not know the reason for Mujahid’s statement about the World Cup clubs

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, Al-Ahly’s football director, confirmed that he does not know the reason for Ahmed Mujahid, the former president of the Egyptian Football Association, about the participation of the Red Team in the World Cup with all its stars, indicating that the team will wait for the injured reports.

Abdel Hafeez said in statements to MBC Egypt: “Al-Shennawy is one of the best guards in the world.

He added, “We have Ali Lotfi and Mustafa Schubert, and we registered 4 guards, and we sold 35 players in the tentative list, and we will choose 23 of them, and there is the possibility of making changes in the event of injuries, but we will wait for El-Shennawy’s case.”

And he continued, “I do not know the goal about Ahmed Mujahid’s statement about Al-Ahly’s participation in the World Cup with all its stars, was it known to him?”

He continued, “We issued a letter at that time because he was the president of the Egyptian Football Association, and his words are supposed to be accepted. Did he have information and this information was wrong for him? Was there something that was said in front of him, for example?”

Abdel Hafeez concluded: “We will set up a camp until the day of travel, and we will play the Al-Ahly Bank match, which is the last in the League Cup, and the travel will be on Monday, and we will wait for the reports of the injured players, especially Percy Tao and Hossam Hassan, and we will close ourselves there, and God willing, we will return with a good result.” .

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