Abdominal obesity, a concern of office workers, ‘tummy fat’ increases as much as working hours

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Obesity can cause considerable inconvenience in daily life, lowering the quality of life, and increasing the risk of developing various chronic diseases in the long term. In particular, office workers who sit down to work are more vulnerable to such problems, so management is essential. Find out about the inconveniences caused by obesity and ways to improve it.

Sweat sweat sweat on the face and upper body

Obese people inevitably sweat more than people of normal weight. I sweat a lot, especially on my face and upper body.

The more weight you gain, the more you sweat because the metabolic rate increases to maintain life activities. In this case, even if the amount of exercise is the same, more energy is used and the body temperature rises. At this time, more sweat is produced to return the elevated body temperature back to normal.

Haeundae 365mc Rams Special Center CEO Gyeongnam Eo said, “The more obese, the more sweat pores or sweat glands are larger than the general population. It is the main factor that makes it even hotter.”

Sweat dripping from time to time gives quite a bit of discomfort. Not only does it feel uncomfortable on public transportation on the way to and from work, it becomes a habit to pack a handkerchief or tissue in sweat like rain. If you sweat a lot, your skin may become inflamed. In the case of skin-to-skin areas, such as thighs, sweat builds up and rubs against each other, causing inflammation or unwitting odors.

Missing shirt fit

Obese office workers may have difficulties in choosing clothes. In the case of a job that requires wearing a suit or business casual, it is very inconvenient to wear clothes by itself if you have severe abdominal obesity.

In particular, these days clothes often have a ‘fit’ that sticks to the body, making obese people even more embarrassed.

If there is a gap between the shirt or blouse due to the protruding belly fat, the appearance is not good. In addition, if you have severe upper body obesity, it is difficult to raise your arms properly when wearing a jacket or blazer, so your activity is significantly reduced.

The same goes for women. If you wear tight clothing and sit for a long time in a situation where you are overweight, you may experience unexpected difficulties such as indigestion and varicose veins.

Chronic fatigue due to bloating stomach gas

It is well known that abdominal obesity can easily lead to immediate disease. However, it causes discomfort in everyday life.

A typical example is ‘abdominal bloating’. If the bloating is severe, it puts pressure on the diaphragm and lungs, causing shortness of breath. Causes of abdominal distension include decreased activity level and overeating.

In most of these cases, changing the problem habit will improve the symptoms. However, if you eat and drink frequently at night, these symptoms are likely to persist as it leads to functional indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic constipation. It is natural that abdominal obesity is getting worse.

CEO Eh said, “If you eat too much food at night when metabolism is not active, gastric acid secretion decreases, which puts a burden on the stomach and makes indigestion easier. It is advantageous in terms of health and body management.”

Late night eating can cause not only abdominal bloating but also chronic fatigue. When an overtime job called ‘food’ comes in at night, the rest time of the stomach, in order to digest it, it is necessary to forcefully engage in the task of digestion. In fact, moving your digestive system while sleeping puts more strain on your body than when you wake up. In addition, food increases body temperature and acts as a direct factor that interferes with sleep. This is the reason why the body has no choice but to be more puffy in the morning.

In addition, abdominal obesity gradually damages the liver, causing fatty liver and increasing fatigue. Fatty liver is a disease in which the liver is enlarged due to the accumulation of triglycerides in the liver cells. It is diagnosed when more than 5% of the liver is fat. Recently, the number of patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver, who develop fatty liver due to high-carbohydrate diet and obesity, regardless of alcohol, is increasing rapidly. As obesity increases, fatigue increases.

Combining exercise and diet, medical treatment also helps

This is also the reason why the number of office workers who are exercising to ‘live’ is increasing recently, such as recovering freshness in daily life and giving vitality.

CEO Eh said, “Rather than simply wanting to lose weight and become beautiful, if you approach it from the perspective of long-term health management and improving the quality of life, you can be motivated to lose weight. , if you do not have enough time to combine exercise and diet due to your busy daily life, it is good to consider getting help from medical obesity treatment such as liposuction or Rams.”

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