Abdoul Mbaye listening to the complaints of fishermen

Citizen meetings at the initiative of Abdoul Mbaye, are held during the weekends with the sole aim of meeting workers in various sectors of activity, listening to them, living with them their difficulties and offering them possible solutions.
This Saturday, the president of the ACT party and his team paid a visit to the fishermen of the commune of Yoff.
After having listened attentively to their grievances, he deduced that these fishermen suffer from a lack of fishery resources caused mainly by the fishing agreements.
These over-equipped vessels which do not respect the rules in terms of fishing nets, prevent them from finding their account in this profession which is their livelihood.
Hence the need for the State to support them in terms of equipment.
Also, continues Mr Abdou Mbaye, fishermen would gain a lot by pooling their means and resources while approaching the factories in order to overcome certain weaknesses noted on their side …


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