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“ABEMA presents NOAH ‘THE NEW YEAR’ 2023” In addition to Funky Kato, Rina Matsuki, and Jushin Thunder Liger, who have been announced as broadcast guests for the 1.1 Nippon Budokan tournament, K-1 Sekai Takeru, the three-class champion, has been decided!

Let’s have a blast at the venue on January 1st (Sunday) and with the guests on ABEMA’s live broadcast!

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[Broadcast guest]

・ Funky Kato’s Twitter:@funky_kato1978

・ Rina Matsuki Twitter:@Matsuki_Rina

・ Jushin Thunder Liger’s Twitter:@Liger_NJPW

・ Takeru’s Twitter:@takerusegawa

[1.1 Nippon Budokan Tournament Information]

ABEMA presents NOAH “THE NEW YEAR” 2023

・Date and Time: January 1, 2023 (Happy Day) Start: 16:00 / Open: 15:00

・Venue: Nippon Budokan

◇ Click here for the special site for the 1.1 Nippon Budokan Tournament


[All Battle Cards]

<11th Match Double Main Event II Special Singles Match>


<10th Match Double Main Event I GHC Heavyweight Championship>

(King) Qinggong Haidou VS Boxing King (Challenger)

*This will be the 3rd defense of the 41st champion.

<9th Match: GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship>

(Champion) YO-HEY Kzy VS Yoshinari Ogawa Eita (Challenger)

*This will be the first defense of the 54th Champions Group.

<8th Match: GHC Tag Championship>

(Champion) Takashi Sugiura Satoshi Kojima VS Naomichi Marufuji KENTA (Challenger)

*This will be the 3rd defense of the 62nd champion group.

<7th Match: GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship>

(Champion) AMAKUSA VS Junta Miyawaki (Challenger)

*This will be the first defense of the 52nd champion.

<6th Match/Single Match>

Timothy Thatcher vs Jack Morris

Masakatsu Funaki Katsuhiko Nakajima Manabu Soya Hajime Ohara VS X Kazuyuki Fujita Kendo Kashin NOSAWA out of the question

<4th Match: 6-Man Tag Match>

Iho de Doctor Wagner Jr. Atsushi Kotoge Seiki Yoshioka VS Masaaki Mochizuki Susumu Mochizuki Junior Mochizuki

Ninja Mac Dante Leon Alejandro VS Shuji Kondo Tadasuke Hi69

Masa Kitamiya Daiki Inaba Yoshiki Inamura VS Mohamed Yone Akitoshi Saito Shuhei Taniguchi

<1st Match/Single Match>

Yasushi Yano VS Daitsu Ozawa

[Ticket information]

■Ticket price (common to advance sale and same-day ticket)

・ Arena S 20,000 yen*Sold out

・ Arena A 12,000 yen*Sold out

・ 1st floor stand seat 10,000 yen * closeout seat

(This is an area where the equipment is out of stock. Please purchase after agreeing to the following precautions regarding handling at e-plus.)

・ 2nd floor stand S seat 8,000 yen

(Available at Pia, Lawson, and Ticket Pay, and available at e-plus only in the limited area. Please agree to the following precautions before purchasing.)

・ 2nd floor stand A seat 5,000 yen*Sold out

★ Pre-school children are free on the lap of their parents. (One child per adult. *Ladies’ seats, Excite seats, social distance seats, and student seats will not be sold at this event.

*Advance and same-day prices apply

*Customers in wheelchairs must purchase a stand seat on the 1st floor. Please contact us in advance from the Pro Wrestling Noah official website.

*Free for preschoolers on parents’ laps (up to 1 child per 1 adult)

[Ticket sales office]

▼ eplushttps://eplus.jp/noah/ (PC & smartphone)

Reservation via computer and mobile phone → Purchase available at all Seven-Eleven stores and Family Mart stores

▼Ticket Pia[Pcode=594-150]

Can be sold and issued at all Seven-Eleven and Family Mart stores

▼ Lawson Ticket[L code: 36096]

Available at Lawson and Ministop Loppy

Contact informationhttps://l-tike.com/contact/

▼Ticket Payhttps://www.ticketpay.jp/search/?category_id=Noah

Payment by credit card or payment at FamilyMart, ticketing

■Advance ticket sales period is as follows.

・ E-plus Until 20:00 on Friday, December 30

・Lawson ticket Until 23:59 on Friday, December 30

・Ticket Pia Until 12:00 on Saturday, December 31

・Ticket Pay Until 12:00 on Saturday, December 31

We are looking forward to your visit and listening!

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