Abigail case: outraged, Juana Viale told of the decision they made in La Noche de Mirtha against Santiago del Estero

Abigail case: outraged, Juana Viale told of the decision they made in La Noche de Mirtha against Santiago del Estero

In case of Abigail Jimenez, the 12-year-old girl who the authorities detained on the border of Santiago del Estero when he returned home after undergoing cancer treatment in Tucumán, shocked the entire country, including at Juana Viale.

The acting host of The Night of Mirtha She was not only outraged by the actions of the police, who prevented the girl from passing, but also by the reaction of officials and authorities of the province in question. In addition to expressing what this case generated for her, Viale said that since the production of the program they took the decision to create an advertising spot that is regularly broadcast on the Río Hondo hot springs.

“I want us to expose our thoughts about how aberrant what happened with Abigail was. It seems to me that it speaks of a very great inhumanity. I do not understand provincial or national policies when these situations happen,” Juana said as soon as she sat down in the table.

Briefly summarizing what happened to the girl and her parents, the driver emphasized her outrage at the attitude of the authorities. “They said that he did not have a pass, that he did not wait 20 minutes, that he did not walk 5 kilometers … It does not matter if he walked 5 kilometers or 70 meters! He picked up his daughter because they would not let her pass, that is outrageous and it cannot be allowed. It does not enter into the logic, the heart or the reasoning of anyone, “he added before giving the floor to his guests.

“What I don’t understand either, and it is something that makes me quite indignant, is that instead of making a mea culpa, the provincial government wants to dirty the father,” he said, dissatisfied with the attitude of the officials. “They fill their mouths with speeches, with complicated and complex words, but what really mattered was that the girl returned home after doing all that treatment.”

Viale also fired at the national government. “Let’s hope that the president does not say now that he does not know this case either, as he did at the time, ignoring Solange’s,” he commented, in relation to So long leisure, the 35-year-old young woman from Córdoba who was fighting breast cancer in Córdoba and a police check did not allow her father to fire her.

Finally, Viale revealed the drastic decision they made from production after what happened with Abigail. “It should be clarified that we in this program have the advertising guide for the hot springs of Santiago del Estero, but we raised it because it really is inadmissible and unacceptable what happened, “said the driver. “As a mother, it fills me with sorrow and sadness. Faced with the crying of a child in that situation, there is no DNU, there is no law and there is nothing that can prevail.”

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