Abigail case: the decision announced by Juana Viale in La Noche de Mirtha to repudiate what happened in Santiago del Estero

Juana Viale, acting host of The Night of Mirtha, showed on Saturday night all his indignation at what happened in the limits of Santiago del Estero with Abigail Jimenez, the 12-year-old girl who the authorities withheld when he returned home after undergoing cancer treatment in Tucumán. And counted a strong decision made by the production in this regard.

During the program this November 21, the granddaughter of Mirtha Legrand He said that from the production they decided to “raise” an advertising spot for Santiago del Estero in repudiation of what happened.

“It should be clarified that we in this program have the advertising guide for the hot springs of Santiago del Estero, but we raise it because it really is inadmissible and unacceptable what happened, “Viale said on air, after ranting against local authorities.

The reaction of the actress and host focused mainly on the actions of the police, who prevented the passage of the little girl, and also officials and authorities of the province, who tried to minimize the issue and even They tried to leave the father in a bad way of the girl.

“I want us to expose our thoughts on how aberrant what happened to Abigail was. It seems to me that speaks of a very great inhumanity. I don’t understand provincial or national policies when these situations happen, “said Juana as soon as she sat down at the table with the guests.

And he continued: “They said that he did not have a pass, that he did not wait 20 minutes, that he did not walk 5 kilometers … It doesn’t matter if you walked 5 kilometers or 70 meters! He picked up his daughter because they were not letting her pass, that is outrageous and cannot be allowed. It does not enter the logic, the heart or the reasoning of anyone “.

Viale also said that what she did not understand either and that she was “quite” outraged was that “instead of making a mea culpa, the provincial government wants to dirty the father” and remarked that the authorities “fill their mouths with speeches , with complicated and complex words, but what really mattered was that the girl returned home after doing all that treatment. “

And he had a few words for the national government: “Let’s hope the president does not say now that he does not know this case either, as she did at the time, ignoring Solange’s “, in relation to Solange Musse, the 35-year-old young woman from Cordoba who was fighting breast cancer in Córdoba and a police check did not allow her father to fire her.

“As a mother, it fills me with sorrow and sadness. Faced with the crying of a child in that situation, there is no DNU, there is no law and there is nothing that can prevail,” he concluded.

Abigail’s case, which moved everyone

What happened with Abigail Jiménez went viral in recent days after a series of videos showed how the police did not allow the girl and her family to enter their province, after having moved to Tucumán for cancer treatment . The crying of the little girl, after waiting two hours at the border, moved everyone.

“It always happens, you can’t do this to me,” the father begged, with Milagros in his arms, to a police officer.

They returned from the Children’s Hospital of Tucumán and returned to Santiago. “We arrived in Tucumán at 8 o’clock, they treated us at the hospital and then we went through the Terminal where they took the data. Then we paid the toll and when we wanted to enter Las Termas, the officer asked us for an emergency pass. My daughter was crying and was in a nervous shock“Carmen, Milagros’s mother, told The Gazette.

And he added: “He was only asking (the policeman) to let us in because it was already quite hot, and on top of that it was full of flies and insects. We were afraid that the wound on his leg would get infected. But he did not understand, he told us waiting for the order of Santiago “.

The argument to prevent them from passing was that they needed authorization from the Santiago del Estero emergency committee.

I’m going to take my daughter even if it’s walking“, he is heard saying to the father in the video, while she screams and cries uncontrollably.

After what happened and after the repercussions of the case, the government of Santiago first came out to deny the father, who said that he had to walk 5 kilometers with his daughter in his arms to enter the province. And then, already in the voice of the governor Gerardo Zamora, should have apologized for all.

“I take responsibility, the State has failed,” Zamora said in the message he recorded and published through his social networks. And he added: “A 12-year-old girl and her father lived through a painful moment. Beyond the internal investigation into what has happened and of course a regrettable succession of facts and errors of which I want to clarify that they have nothing to do with parents and much less the girl. “


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