Abigail. What the government of Santiago del Estero will do with the guideline of La Noche de Mirtha

Mirtha Legrand, together with the then governor Claudia Ledesma, wife of the current governor, Gerardo Zamora, opening the season in Termas de Rio Hondo Credit: Santiago del Estero Government Press

SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO.- Last night, During the broadcast of “La Noche de Mirtha”, Juana Viale referred to the case of Abigail and confirmed that by their own decision they were going to raise the standard that the government of Santiago del Estero has had for years in that program to promote the Termas de Río Hondo, the provincial capital of tourism, and precisely the city where the minor under 12 lives with her parents.

“It should be clarified that we in this program have the advertising guideline for the Santiago del Estero hot springs, but we raised it because what happened is really inadmissible and unacceptable”Juana Viale, who for months has replaced her grandmother, Mirtha Legrand, sentenced last night due to the coronavirus pandemic. “As a mother, it fills me with sorrow and sadness. Faced with the crying of a child in that situation, there is no DNU, there is no law and there is nothing that can prevail,” he sentenced, among other harsh criticisms of the Santiago and national government .

Abigail case: outraged, Juana Viale told of the decision they made in La Noche de Mirtha against Santiago del Estero

The reaction of the local government began last night with a video that the provincial president, Gerardo Zamora, went to Facebook, where he apologized to little Abigail and her parents, leaving the possibility of doing it personally when they have it open.

For the provincial authorities, the decision to produce “La Noche de Mirtha” was a surprise. to raise a guideline that has been in this broadcast for several years. Given this, the government, through a Cabinet Headquarters resolution to which THE NATION had access, resolved to reallocate these funds from the “Undersecretary of Press to a fund in charge of the Provincial Ombudsman for Children and Adolescents, in order to give priority to Abigail’s case”

The head of the Cabinet Office, Elías Suárez, indicated that this is being done “in light of what was announced by the host of the program ‘La Noche de Mirtha’, where he stated that he decided to raise the publicity that for more than 10 years has been disseminated as a tourist promotion of Termas de Río Hondo due to the unfortunate situation that a girl and her parents had to live in a road control returning to that town, therefore it has been decided to reallocate resources “.

Suárez assured that these resources will be arranged by the Provincial Ombudsman for Children, Children and Adolescents “whether in the treatment of your illness, legal advice, as in everything that is convenient and necessary at the discretion of the Ombudsman to help that family, as well as in other cases of violation of the rights of children “.

The Santiago official indicated that in the resolution of the decree “Mrs. Mirtha Legrand is recognized as a great promoter and promoter of our thermal destination, showing in her multiple visits a special consideration for the city of Termas de Río Hondo, something that we appreciate and value “, at the same time as” out of respect for the decision of the current host of the program and her production to renounce that advertising guideline of our Santiago tourist center, is that as of the date, the destination will be informed “.

Zamora and his wife, former governor and current National Senator Claudia Ledesma of Zamora, have had an excellent relationship with Mirtha Legrand for years. The presence of the “Diva de los Almuerzos” was a classic in each month of May, when the tourist season was launched in Termas de Río Hondo, being the one in charge of throwing the first ball in the casino.

The case of little Abigail generated a deep shock and indignation among Argentines when the video of her father carrying her in his arms to cross the police checkpoint on the border between this province and Tucumán went viral. The image made illustration was shared massively on all social networks and by different personalities from the police, art, entertainment and sports.

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