Abinader visits Homs on his first stop in Santiago

President Luis Abinader began his tour in Santiago today Wednesday, with a visit to the Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago HOMS.

Abinader made a tour of the facilities of the Medical Center that is undergoing remodeling to expand its infrastructure, where a professional tower and an integrated hotel will converge.

Upon arriving at the place, the president took selfies with some citizens who came to meet him.

This media learned that the president took the opportunity to visit a person who is admitted to HOMS, although it was not specified who he is, the health conditions in which he is, or the affinity he has with the Head of State.

The president will head Santiago this Wednesday numerous activities, including the relaunch of the tobacco sector.

The presidential agenda indicates that at 10:30 the president would start the working day, with the delivery of resources to mayors and a press conference at the Gran Almirante hotel.

Then he will have a lunch with representatives of the Northern Region Industrial Association (AIREN).

Likewise, a group of businessmen will meet with President Abinader, who will be accompanied by Vice President Raquel Peña.

In addition, the president plans to inaugurate the Los Guandules Sector Diagnosis Center, under the responsibility of the National Housing Institute (INVI), directed by Carlos Bonilla.

Likewise, it will lead the inauguration of the La Herradura aqueduct, in La Canela.

The government agenda includes a dinner with 60 presidents of neighborhood councils at Multiuso SAMEJI.

The activities will be attended by the administrative ministers of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza and Industry and Commerce, Víctor (Ito) Bisonó.


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