About 300 demonstrators against the arrival of Amazon in Montbert

A demonstration took place in Montbert, on the site chosen by Amazon, on November 17, 2020 – J. Urbach/ 20 Minutes

  • The town of Montbert was chosen by Amazon to host a large parcel platform.
  • A first demonstration took place on the site, this Tuesday noon.

They believe that “it is already enormous for a first mobilization in this context”. This Tuesday noon, in the green setting of the town of Montbert, south of Nantes, some 300 demonstrators walked together on a small road before stopping in front of a large gate, guarded by gendarmes. It is here, on a 14.5 hectare plot of the Bayonne business park, that Amazon wants to set up a major parcel platform by 2021. “But we will be there to prevent them,” launches a man with a sandwich in his hand. Amazon is one of those big toxic projects that today’s society no longer wants! “

Highly robotic, the logistics project, for which the building permit is being examined, should operate seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day, requiring the creation of 800 jobs. “It is a monstrous platform which will only make precarious, exclaimed in front of the crowd Pascal, of the Solidaires union, signatory of the platform” No Amazon in my zone “. When a job is created, there are three that are cut elsewhere. Permanent contracts are very rare. Above all, we reject this consumerist model that says everything has to go faster. “

“Pollution from all the trucks”

If we find in the crowd of the regulars of the Nantes demonstrations, come from all the department, some had only a few kilometers to go to join the meeting, authorized by the prefecture. “I have lived in this magnificent town of Montbert for fifteen years and enough is enough, laments Sarah, member of the very young collective Montbert Citizen. The inhabitants are never consulted, today we want to react against our mayor which does not support its small businesses by approving the arrival of Amazon. “

Suzane, 66, lives in a neighboring town. Close to rebellious France, this retiree does not want “this 25-meter-high building that risks creating pollution, with all the trucks that will pass through here. “While the environmental aspect is part of the concerns, the defenders of the approach, such as the president of the community of municipalities Johann Boblin, recall that” it is a project on a former hospital wasteland, which consumes no agricultural hectare and natural and does not waterproof floors. “

A ZAD in the making?

After this first good-natured mobilization, all have already made an appointment for a new gathering on the site on November 28, the day after Black Friday, where they hope to be “three times more”. “This is the start of a struggle,” said a figure from the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, which does not exclude that it continues with a physical occupation of the land. A ZAD is one of the ways of delaying a project, of making a cause visible, but it is built over the long term … Amazon is currently weakened in public opinion. It’s time to go … “



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