About Gisel’s exciting video, Hotman Paris Gives instructions to find evidence


The famous lawyer Hotman Paris also commented on the exciting video that was allegedly similar Gisella Anastasia or Gisel. Hotman claimed to know how to reveal the woman in the video.

This 61-year-old man suggested that telematics experts do not need to check it. Hotman feels that his presence is unnecessary, Bunda.

“Regarding porn videos that are suspected of being well-known artists, he said that telematics experts want to be brought in, what are you doing ?,” said Hotman, quoted from Instagram hers, Monday (9/11/2020).

Hotman said market women alone could reveal the woman in the exciting video. He even believes that they can distinguish the woman in the video from the artist who is suspected of being Gisel.

“It is enough to call 3 women from the presidential market in Senen, compared to the breast in the video with the girl who is suspected in the video,” he said.

“Mothers from the Monday market can tell right away, whether the breasts are the same. If the breasts are the same, it means the same person,” he continued.

Hotman Paris felt telematics experts could have difficulty checking the truth. He was worried that telematics experts could not even concentrate while checking.

“If later the telematics expert will be ordered checking“In fact, the telematics expert will get dizzy, later he will want to, the result will not even concentrate,” he said.

Previously, exciting videos like Gisel were indeed a hot topic among netizens. The 19-second video was also commented on by the former Minister of Youth and Sports as well as a telematics expert, Roy Suryo.

Roy did not deny that the woman in the video was similar to Gisel. However, the shape of the two cheeks is different.

“If the current resemblance, the figure in question is similar, yes. If it is said to be similar, it is similar, but the body mark can also be different,” said Roy Suryo, quoted by detik.com.

“I actually see, if I still see there are some quite crucial differences, for example the shape of the cheeks. The shape of the cheeks is not the same,” he continued.

Even so, Roy did not want to quickly deduce the woman’s figure video sex as the artist in question. He then asked netizens to put forward the presumption of innocence, Mother.

“We put forward the presumption of innocence first because the figures in the current videos have a lot of similarities, especially since postures like this often appear in Korean or Chinese videos,” said Roy Suryo.

See also Roy Suryo’s explanation about the exciting video like Gisel, in the following video:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

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