About sixty fraudulent webshops using the .be domain name dismantled

Since the start of the year, 58 webshops (online stores) using a .be domain name have been dismantled, said BeCommerce, the association of e-commerce companies, on Friday. On the occasion of this thematic day, BeCommerce wishes to warn against the fraudulent online shops that are circulating.

Last year, some 25,000 .be domains were added using e-commerce technology. Among these, DNS Belgium was able to identify and dismantle around 58 frauds. In 2020, 276 fraudulent shops had been identified.

The work done by DNS Belgium is very useful and contributes every day to making the Belgian e-commerce landscape a little more secure. However, there are still fraudulent websites and work to be done: unfortunately there are still fraudulent online shops active in the Belgian market, whether with a be. or another, like .com or .nl. That is why we believe that it is very important to clearly communicate to consumers about trustworthy online stores and thus allow them to shop with confidence.“, explained Sofie Geeroms general manager of BeCommerce.

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