“Absolute cheek” – Paderborn trainer Baumgart freaks out on TV

Steffen Baumgart speaks after the defeat against Borussia Dortmund on ARD about a controversial scene – and speaks in a rage on live TV. Reason: Referee Stieler.

Lost 2: 3 after extra time, delivered a tough cup fight to BVB, narrowly failed with a fighting performance – but the defeat of the SC Paderborn in the round of 16 on Tuesday evening, the SCP coach excited Steffen Baumgart on. The 49-year-old spoke after the game on ARD – and gave an emotional speech. “That’s a cheek. It’s an absolute cheek, I have to say that very honestly,” said Baumgart live on TV. The reason: referee Tobias Stieler.

What happened?

First half of extra time, the 95th minute: Dortmund’s Erling Haaland scored the ultimately decisive 3: 2. But the goal is then checked by the video referee for minutes – because of a possible offside position for the Norwegian. In the end, however, Stieler decided on goal – apparently because, from his point of view, a Paderborn player had touched the ball before.

“It’s getting ridiculous”

Baumgart on the ARD on the scene: “He said that he and his linesman had the perception that Svante Ingelsson (Paderborn player, editor’s note) played the ball – which I find a bit difficult, because first of all If the player is on the sidelines, and I think that, especially when there’s so much going on and you’re in a situation like that, we have the opportunity to watch it on television, so at least I expected him to watch it. “

Looking at the slow-motion pictures of the disputed scene, Baumgart continued to rage: “It’s not a change in the ball, it’s not touching the ball, and it slips through. It’s just a guess, and I have to honestly say: I think so I then difficult. ” The coach was particularly upset by Stieler’s going it alone: ​​”Then to explain to me that he had a perception where I then have to say: Wait a minute, we have the pictures, he can look at them 20 times.” And further: “I find that to be absolutely cheeky, and I told him that, too, that I’ll make it public. It’s getting ridiculous. You don’t have to be surprised that we talk about it every time.”

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Baumgart struggled to maintain his composure

Baumgart emphasized: “I think the video referees are really good, it brings in a lot of fairness. But not going out and not looking at it – that’s the only thing I expected. If he then decides, it is like that and tells me that his perception is more important than what is being said – we are slowly making ourselves look ridiculous. That annoys me, it annoys me for my boys, for the performance, and nobody deserves that. “

The long-time Paderborn coach struggled for composure – and it became clear: “Now I have to be careful that the words don’t get too loud before someone tells me we have to treat each other cleanly and respectfully. But respect also means shit To look at and then to make a decision. That is respectful treatment of the opponent, and not the little one we kicked in the ass again.

“I’m curious if I’ll get a letter from the DFB”

The clear line in the decisions is missing: “I can’t make a new decision every time and say: we won’t do it today and we’ll do it again tomorrow. Nobody should be surprised that we are upset about it.”

Even more: Baumgart was certain: “We stand there for seven minutes and freeze our asses off, and then such a decision?” The video referee rated the situation differently: “I think Cologne said very clearly: Offside situation, don’t give the goal. And then I expect him to look at it. If he then decides, there is a touch to For God’s sake – but not to go? ” For a club like Paderborn, there is more at stake than just a win. “This is about two million for us right now. I’m not a stock corporation, we fight for every tired mark, and then someone like that comes towards me? I find it arrogant, I have to say honestly.”

In the end, Baumgart was left with gallows humor: “I’m curious to see if I will get a letter from the DFB because I was too excited.” In any case, the controversial scene and its consequences will still be discussed a lot.

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