“Absurd and unsustainable initiatives”: mayors rejected proposal for Tijuana to be the capital of Baja California

(Photo: AFP / Guillermo Arias)

The independent deputy, Miguel Ángel Bujanda, presented an initiative to the Congress of Baja California to change the current state capital, Mexicali, to the city of Tijuana.

The main argument of the deputy was that Tijuana is the fifth most important city in the country, Therefore, if approved, Article 96 of the Constitution of this state would have to be amended.

In addition, it supports that Tijuana is the most populated city in the state and the border with the greatest mobility, so it has an important economic dynamics, among other aspects; However, it is also the most violent city in Mexico due to the number of daily homicides.

“It could positively position the city of Tijuana at national and international levels, which encourage the arrival of investment and the strengthening of the different governmental and private activities, mainly those related to tourism development”, He expressed in his explanatory statement.

(Photo: EFE / Joebeth Terriquez)

(Photo: EFE / Joebeth Terriquez)

And you have to remember that Mexicali has been the capital of the entity for the last 105 years; However, Tijuana became the de facto capital since Morena came to the state government, since Jaime Bonilla, current governor of the state, works six days a week in this city, besides that there he resides and there are his businesses.

However, the municipal presidents of Tijuana and Mexicali they spoke out against this initiative.

“Mexicali must continue to be the capital of this state, there are the headquarters of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers of Baja California ”, he said Arturo Gonzalez Cruz, municipal president of Tijuana and warned that a change would imply a process of erosion for the political and institutional system.

“Some deputies of our Congress, dedicate time and resources to propose absurd initiatives, without sustenance and without the consensus of the citizens, ”he said, referring to the independent deputy, Miguel Ángel Bujanda.

(Photo: Guillermo Arias / AFP)

(Photo: Guillermo Arias / AFP)

González Cruz called on local deputies to get to work, put aside “external whims ”.

On the other hand, the mayor of Mexicali, Marina del Pilar Ávila, also rejected this initiative, considering that it represents a lack of respect for the inhabitants of Mexicali and for those of Baja California.

Similarly, he said that there are priority issues such as health, economic reactivation and actions regarding public security.

However, the also former PAN supporter, asked that the reform be submitted to public consultation, as long as the citizens request it with the 1.5% of the electoral roll Y the governor.

Given this, the governor of the entity in the north of the country, considered viable “ask the people. It is what we must do. What the people ask, in this case, I’m just an employee of the town”, He expressed regarding the initiative.

Now, it only remains to wait for the resolution of the proposal. The Governance, Legislation and Constitutional Points Commission analyzes the initiative presented by Bujanda to reform Article 96 of the local Constitution.

Booth Playas de Tijuana (Photo: Twitter @ alemend)

Booth Playas de Tijuana (Photo: Twitter @ alemend)

On the other hand, it should be remembered that with 16 votes in favor and five against, the Congress of Baja California approved modifying the reform to the Municipal Regime Law, that will allow Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez propose to the municipal presidents that could replace the mayors who for some reason ask for a leave of absence.

The law determines that absences greater than 15 calendar days of the mayors will be resolved by the state Congress. With this new reform, and in the absence of an alternate to take office in that period, the governor may send proposals from mayors, councilors, and attorney generals to Congress.


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