Abusing an animal and cutting off its limbs leads a farmer to be arrested and investigated.

Torturing an animal and cutting off its limbs led a farmer to be arrested and investigated, after the Royal Gendarmerie in the suburbs of Zagora, on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, referred the accused involved in committing a brutal assault on a donkey (female donkey) by amputating its hind limbs, to the Public Prosecution, after he was arrested following exposure. His crime turned into an issue of public opinion.

Al-Sabah reported that the Public Prosecution heard the accused, before following him up on release, in exchange for bail, and referring him to court to be tried for the acts attributed to him, adding that judicial research conducted by members of the Royal Gendarmerie in Zagora, under the supervision of the Public Prosecution, revealed the suspect’s involvement. , who hails from Zawiya Ben Khalil roundabout in the Rawha community, one day before Eid al-Fitr, began to torture a defenseless animal, after he decided to cut off its limbs using white weapons, in retaliation after it was caught grazing in the middle of his field, searching for pasture.

The suspect insisted on cutting off the animal’s limbs as punishment for violating his field, despite the fact that the act involved an irrational being, which prompted the Royal Gendarmerie to deal with the incident with the required seriousness from the beginning, as they arrested the aggressor farmer and listened to him to uncover the circumstances of the case and determine The type of attacks inflicted on the animal, but no formal measures were taken against him after his release, before the media hype associated with the incident revealed the seriousness of the suspect’s criminal act.

In this context, the Prosecutor of Zagora Primary School reacted to the contents of the Facebook activists’ denunciation and the video and photos that were circulated last Monday on social networking sites and electronic media, by issuing instructions to the judicial police to initiate an investigation into the criminal incident, and ordered Al-Fallah to be arrested to hear him regarding the charges. attributed to him, as a judicial investigation was initiated under the supervision of the Public Prosecution, to uncover the circumstances of the case and its true background, before it was decided to pursue the accused if he was released.

It is noteworthy that the attacker on the animal is considered to have a history of assaulting animals and animals in horrific ways, without being prosecuted for a long time, before he finds himself in trouble this time, after the Public Prosecution entered the line, given that the Moroccan criminal law criminalizes attacks on animals, as Chapter 602 stipulates that anyone who unnecessarily kills or mutilates any domesticated animal located in places, buildings, gardens, annexes, or lands owned, rented, or cultivated by the owner of the killed or mutilated animal, shall be punished with imprisonment from two to six months, and a fine of 200. AED to 250 dirhams..

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