AC Milan, leader thanks to his savior Olivier Giroud!

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Contents of Radio foot this Wednesday: AC Milan leader! Striker Olivier Giroud scored the goal that allows the Rossoneri to pass Naples, for the moment in the standings. Is the Pioli team coming back to last? – The PSG, more than a club, because it offers daily or almost, a new episode of its TV novella, because its infirmary sometimes looks like a hospital even if it holds up on the side of the results!

We are also talking about VAR and arbitrage. Should everything be overhauled, especially in French arbitration. We are also talking about football business, a World Cup every 2 years, a Ligue 1 match in China, where is the football of our childhood going, is it the football of tomorrow?

Around Annie Gasnier, our consultants Dominique Séverac, Étienne Moatti, Philippe Doucet. Preparation: David Fintzel. Technique / Director: Alice Mesnard.


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