Academy of Medicine calls for reinforcing prevention and control against the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus

Caracas.- The National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela issued a new statement, this time, to alert about the presence of several cases of Covid-19 caused by the Brazilian variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and, in this sense, urges the authorities and the population to redouble prevention and control actions.

As will be recalled this Wednesday night, the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro reported the detection of 10 cases of the new variant of the coronavirus in Caracas, Miranda and Bolívar.

The professors cite “preliminary evidence that indicates that this variant could be more transmissible than the virus currently circulating in Venezuela.”

They also point out that this Brazilian variant can reinfect people who have already recovered from a previous infection. Hence, they warn of the high risks that this new variant implies for the Venezuelan population today.

They explain that the reinforcement of prevention measures involves applying strict controls in the use of masks, physical distancing and personal hygiene, with an emphasis on hand washing.

They also call on the authorities to begin immunizing the population. “It is also essential to undertake the massive vaccination campaign against COVID-19 with a sense of urgency and conscientious planning.”

Along these lines, they also urgently expect “vaccines to be available in the most equitable way for the population.”

They exemplify the case of Chile, which has arranged to vaccinate 80% of the adult population in the first semester of the current year.

It is also important to insist on the rigor that should guide the evaluation procedures and decision-making based on scientific evidence, whether for the selection of vaccines to be offered to the public, as well as to expand and support the genetic monitoring systems of the viruses, which will be necessary to continue confronting this pandemic. This will require a coordinated effort from all sectors in our country.

The National Academy of Medicine and the Academy of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences, both signatories of the warrant, offer their experience and knowledge to collaborate in the necessary strategies to control this epidemic in the country.

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