Accastello won Villa María for the fourth time and announced “a new time” for the city

2023-10-02 03:31:29

“The election is over. A new time of dreams and utopias begins.” With those words at the end of his speech elected mayor of Villa María, Eduardo Accastello (We stand together for Villa María) He hinted that he wants to turn a new leaf and put an end to the internal differences of Peronism, open a new stage “to do what is best for the neighbor.”

In a 31-day campaign spent in the midst of tension that was felt until the last minute of the elections, he finally achieved the victory that will place him in command of the city for the fourth time, and he especially thanked “the militancy.”

With the victory confirmed, he said he was convinced that he had made “the right decision” to run again for mayor, and that it was a step that people asked him to take.

“We are going to work as a team. “You all know me and we know that we want to improve people’s quality of life more and more,” he said to the crowd gathered in front of his campaign bunker, where a stage was set up with an electronic screen that read “Thank you, Villa María.” .

Accastello referred to the transition together with Mayor Gill (“we are going to prepare the best decisions”) and also thanked Governor Juan Schiaretti and the governor-elect and mayor of Córdoba, Martín Llaryora.

At that time, Schiaretti was participating in the presidential debate in Santiago del Estero and Llaryora was finishing his visit to Italy, after meeting with the Pope.

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Accastello after the victory: I feel a lot of peace

“Above all, I want to thank all the militants who worked tirelessly and dreamed to make this victory possible,” added the new mayor.

“I feel happiness and a lot of peace, I feel that I made the right decision. I am prepared to work together with all the people of Villamari. “This team comes for new dreams, which are the dreams and utopias of the people,” he concluded.

Accastello won by more than 15 points over his immediate competitor, the legislator of Together for Change Darío Capitani, who once again consolidated himself as the second political force in the city.

The radical Juan Manuel Moroni, candidate for mayor of Bell Ville.

The distance was not in the forecasts, which predicted a tight definition, and at times it was even doubted that the ruling party could retain the government after 24 years of Peronist management.

The evident differences between the sector of the Minister of Industry and Mayor Martín Gill gave way in an almost forced agreement to achieve unity. Also the Secretary of Communications of the Province, Marcos Bovo, who had been working with his own projection, added his part to the agreement table to reach this result.

How the votes were distributed between Accastello and the rest

This Sunday, 44,210 positive votes were counted in Villa María, 469 blank, 465 null and four appealed.

The final participation was 62.73% among a register of 71,970 qualified voters, distributed in 184 tables.

A total of 3,200 fewer votes were registered than the 2015 municipal election, in which Gill had won with 54.7% (25,250 votes).

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With only one table left to count, Accastello obtained 18,799 votes (42.52%) in this election.

In second place was Capitani, with 11,959 votes (27.05%), and third was Manuel Sosa, with 5,083 votes (11.55%).

The Cambia Villa María alliance, which had the former mayor of Villa Nueva Braulio Zanotti as its candidate, added 2,891 votes (6.54%), closely followed by the Libertarian Party, whose candidate, veterinarian Julieta Ceballos, placed fifth. position with 2,070 votes (4.68%).

The rest of the candidates added 7.71% in total.

Participation fell by about four points compared to the last election, with a more distributed result.

Distribution of seats in the Council

In the Deliberative Council, the ruling party of Hacemos Unidos por Villa María keeps the seven seats out of 12 that the Organic Charter grants to the winner, who always takes half plus one, regardless of the number of votes.

The opposition will have five seats, which, in principle, would be four for Together for Change and one for Uniendo Villa María, by Manuel Sosa.

Accastello will be mayor for the fourth time, and will thus surpass the radical Miguel Ángel Veglia, who had governed the city for three consecutive terms.

The Court of Accounts

The elected mayor Eduardo Accastello must govern the four years of his next administration with the Court of Accounts mostly in the hands of the opposition, something that already happened to him in one of his last administrations.

José María Sánchez was elected tribune for the ruling party with 42.10%, Virginia Margaria will enter from Together for Change and, as the Uniendo Villa María alliance surpassed the floor of six percent of the votes, the third chair will be for Maximiliano Romero .

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The other section in dispute on the ballot was that of auditor general, which was left in the hands of Rafael Sachetto, current secretary of Education and Culture of the municipality and close relationship with Martín Gill.

This position, which is equivalent in remuneration to that of mayor, is intended to control the acts of government and the general functioning of the services and benefits of the municipality.

The last to be elected to that role was Alicia Peressutti, who resigned in 2022 to assume a role in the Nation’s Ombudsman’s Office.

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