Accident in Florida (USA): Tesla with activated autopilot crashes into a police car – news abroad

Another accident with him Tesla autopilots!

A vehicle from the electric car group crashed into a police patrol car on a freeway near Orlando, Florida, on Saturday. The Tesla, which was switched to autopilot, narrowly missed a police officer!

This is how the accident happened

A man’s car broke down on the highway at around 5 a.m. A police officer parked his company car with activated emergency lighting on the way to the breakdown vehicle. And then the Tesla came roaring!

The electric car rammed the left side of the patrol car and then collided with the other vehicle, a spokeswoman for the motorway police told the newspaper „Orlando Sentinel“.

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The Tesla driver (27) and the driver of the breakdown car suffered minor injuries, the police officer was uninjured.

Earlier this month, the U.S. government opened an official investigation into Tesla’s autopilot system following a series of similar accidents involving parked emergency vehicles.

The autopilot has often been abused by Tesla drivers who were caught drunk behind the wheel or even sat in the back seat while driving.

The company uses a camera-based system, lots of computing power, and sometimes radar to spot obstacles, determine what they are, and then decide what the vehicles should do.

According to researchers, however, the system had problems with parked emergency vehicles and vertical trucks standing in its way.

The US Federal Road and Vehicle Safety Agency has counted eleven similar accidents since 2018 in which Tesla vehicles apparently had problems with warning lights or set up cones.

17 people were injured and one killed in these clashes, the authorities said.

But it is also a fact: there are on the Internet numerous videos, in which Tesla assistance systems save drivers’ lives at the last second. In many of these cases, human action could often no longer have prevented a collision.


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