Accident in the Alps: girl (5) has to watch the death of her parents – news abroad

They knew their way around and loved the mountains – and yet this unbelievable misfortune happened.

Valeria Coletta (35) and her husband Fabrizio Martino Marchi (40) were with their daughter Martina (5) and a couple of friends on the Passo della Presolana near Brescia when they wanted to cross an ice channel on a slope.

▶︎ Valeria went first, fell and fell down. Her husband wanted to come to her aid – but he too slipped away and fell. According to the Italian media, both fell several hundred meters into the abyss and died.

Photo: Instagram

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With dad in the arms – a kiss from momPhoto: Instagram

Her little daughter watched it all and lost her parents in just a few minutes. This very sad fate touches the hearts of Italians. On a “Gofundme“Page, they have already collected more than 300,000 euros. The goal is 400,000 so that little Martina has at least no financial worries until she reaches adulthood.

The girl now lives with her grandparents. Nevertheless, she will probably never fully cope with the loss of her parents.


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