Accident on Axenstrasse claims one fatality and injuries.


Motorbike driver dies after an accident with a car on Axenstrasse

A motorbike driver was fatally injured in a serious accident on Axenstrasse. Two other people were taken to hospitals by ambulance.

The accident happened shortly after entering the Flüeler tunnel.

Archive image Urs Hanhart

For reasons that are still unclear, a car got into the opposite lane in the Flüeler tunnel and crashed into two cars and a motorbike. A 69-year-old motorcyclist from the canton of St.Gallen suffered serious injuries, according to the cantonal police in Uri. He died at the scene of the accident.

Two other people were injured in the collision and were taken to the cantonal hospital in Uri and to a hospital outside the canton by the ambulance services in Schwyz and Uri. The exact course of the accident is unclear. What is certain is that shortly before 4:45 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, in a slight right-hand bend, the car crossed the double safety line into the oncoming lane.

The Flüeler Tunnel was closed for around three hours. The Axenstrasse was passable at all times. The traffic was local diverted. (rem)

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