Accident or suicide, no certainty about the death of Christophe Dominici

The tragic disappearance of Christophe Dominici may remain a mystery. So far, the investigation opened after the death of the rugby player, who died after a fall from ten meters high in Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine) on Tuesday, does not allow to conclude to suicide or to the accident.

Heard this Thursday by investigators, the key witness to the tragedy, a cyclist, described a fall difficult to interpret. Tuesday afternoon, this man was about to enter the park of Saint-Cloud by the large gate when he saw Christophe Dominici on the sidewalk of the avenue de la Grille-d’Honneur.

The rugby player was descending the steep artery when suddenly he tipped over to the right side, passing over the concrete parapet bordering the avenue. The witness described a man falling “from his full height”. He did not see him step over the parapet or climb on it to fall.

Toxicological analyzes could provide elements of understanding. But that is not a given. The possible absorption of psychotropic substances will perhaps lead to the conclusion that he may have lost his balance or that he was depressed. But from there to conclude to a desire to end it … In any case, his widow firmly rejects the thesis of suicide. She said so and told investigators again.

Nobody pushed him into the void

The conclusions of the autopsy, sent to the prosecution on Thursday, “rule out the intervention of a third party.” In other words, Christophe Dominici did not suffer any violence before the tragedy. Certainly no one pushed him into the void.

Tuesday afternoon, the former Stade Français player left his apartment in Boulogne-Billancourt for a walk. His wife was worried not to see him return after two hours and looked for him near the park of Saint-Cloud.

The couple had a house built near the estate. When she passed avenue de la Grille d’Honneur, her husband’s body was lying ten meters below, at the foot of an abandoned building in the Sully barracks. Christophe Dominici died instantly.

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