Accompanying his father to fish and was swallowed by a crocodile and opened the crocodile and found the boy’s complete “corpse”

A tragedy happened recently in Indonesia in which a boy was swallowed by a crocodile and died. A boy was dragged away by a crocodile while fishing with his father. Although the boy’s father wanted to rescue his son, he quickly left the scene after the crocodile swallowed the boy. The father and the search and rescue personnel until the next day Only after discovering the whereabouts of the crocodile, after working together to subdue the crocodile’s abdomen, he saw the boy lying “completely” in the crocodile’s belly, but he had already died.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, an 8-year-old Indonesian boy, Dimas Mulkan Saputra, accompanied his father to the river to fish on the 3rd. He did not expect to encounter a 7.9-meter-long crocodile attack. The crocodile instantly became in shape. The petite Sapcha dragged away. Although his father hurriedly tried to rescue his son, he even jumped into the water to attack the crocodile. However, because the crocodile was swallowed by Sapcha in an instant, he quickly left the scene, so his father could only find someone to help him. .

After receiving the father’s request for help, the local authorities did not find the cannibal crocodile near the accident site until the 4th. A group of people subdued the crocodile and cut open the abdomen of the crocodile, hoping that Sapucha could still Survive. But it was unexpected that after the crocodile’s abdomen was cut open, everyone saw Sapcha, who had no signs of life for a long time, and Sapcha’s body was intact, with almost no injuries.

At present, Sapucha has been buried by his family, and the cannibal crocodile died after cutting its abdomen and was buried by other villagers.

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